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Honda Accord 2018 Concept Release date

Accord 2018 Release date and Specs

The tenth generation Honda Accord 2018 is rumored to be ready to hit the North American market. Based on the leaked info and spy shots photos, the new Accord models will get some changes in terms of design style and seem to be quite different from the ninth generation Accord that was first unveiled in 2012. As you know that the Japanese automaker has started production of the ninth-generation Accord mid-size sedan in early September 2012. Since then the 9th generation Honda Accord only received some minor changes and facelift for the US market.

According to our sources, the Honda Accord 2018 will be much slimmer than the previous model. Honda will also reportedly provide more sporty appearance at the 10th generation Accord models. However, the new Accord will have similar exterior design with the 2017 Honda Civic which has now reached its 10th generation. Especially at the front-end design, the 2018 Accord model year will be as handsome as the 10th generation Civic.

Unfortunately, there is not much information we can disclose to you. Since Honda seems completely sealed sensitive information related to the upcoming Accord. Nevertheless, some spy shots photos that spread across the internet makes us speculate. Although it was very difficult to reveal all the details because the Accord prototype was heavily camouflaged in a secret testing. We can only guess and speculate a little bit, nothing more.

The Honda Accord 2018 will surely share the same platform with the current generation Civic. The new platform is claimed to be lighter and has a more rigid chassis compared to the previous platforms. This is evident from its overall body shape that looks similar to the Civic. The most striking change in the exterior design is a fastback roofline and shorter trunk lid. While the headlights design now look wider and narrower for the 2018 model year. Also, the new profile design will be sleeker and more aggressive than the previous generation.