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New Tesla Pick-Up 2018 Concept

New Tesla Pick-up 2018 New Release

New Tesla Pick-Up 2018 Concept – Earlier this year at a Tesla meeting some interesting details have been revealed about the company’s future. In a particular slide they show two new cars being released in the near future, one of which is the Model 3 sedan. It is still unclear where the other cars are but so far it looks like a cheap crossover may not be that. Instead, the very popular Pickling Tesla 2018 truck will probably be launched first to produce a highly competitive and profitable market. Elon even states that Tesla’s truck will be very impressive and will be a better choice out there.

We will tend to agree with Elon for his remarks. Not having the machine up front will free up a lot of space and it will give Tesla a real competitor in the North American car market. The only problem we see with the plan is the range of all electric trucks. While it’s easy to match the normal truck range when it’s not loaded, everything will change when weights are applied. It seems that Tesla wants to solve this problem by using new battery technology as well as a much higher capacity unit but more on that later. The price will also be a rather interesting step. Elon stated that a truck would cost more than $ 70,000 more than the F-150 base.

Although the truck is just a rumor, it seems that the Tesla Pickup 2018 SUV will be a concept while the production model will be close to 2020. Tesla does not really have the right chassis for a truck, but they have skate- Like chassis under all their models. It will easily be able to handle the truck’s body. However, some sources inside point out that the truck will benefit from batteries larger than 200 kWh. This will allow the truck to run more than 600 miles with a single charge while empty and more than 100 miles when fully charged and pulling a trailer. It’s pretty much the norm and with Tesla’s fast charging, it will not be left behind by gas-powered competitors or diesel.

Already many people say that 2018 Tesla Pickup Truck will never be released because it will lack utilities. However, there is a bit more interesting than that. For starters, all electric trucks will be able to provide 12V, 24V, 110V and 230V outlets with ease, especially as they will have large on-board batteries. Also, being a Tesla means there will not be a front engine. This will free up space under the hood for equipment, filling the place for wireless devices and even waterproof cabinets for sensitive electronics. The bed could have a really flat floor and could easily integrate additional plugs. The end result will basically be a truck capable of moving electrical equipment from the factory. This alone will make it one of the favorites.

Having a chassis like a skate means Tesla does not have to be content with one body. Thanks to this type of chassis, they can offer something from a single taxi with a long bed to an SUV truck with lots of space inside the cabin. The design features are likely to be taken from their other models but the pickup will have a much more aggressive look to compete with all the competitors out there.

While the look of a truck is much more important than one can do, there are people who choose better than they look. The upcoming Tesla truck is likely to borrow heavily from the S and X models which means the front end with no grille, slim headlamps and a very smooth yet aggressive front end. The truck is likely to use a bed that is integrated into the chassis and actually uses a special chassis that will also include battery packs for extra strength.